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A group of the Card family researchers got together and decided it would be
great to have a reunion to reunite the different branches of the Card family.

The reunion will mainly focus on the Card's descended from Silas Jr. and
Elizabeth (Eldridge) Card, but all Card's are welcome. And since we the
organizer's of this venture and history nuts, we will also focus on the history
of the family and the area.

The reunion will be held in Parkersburg, Iowa, on June 24th & 25th, 2000.
Parkersburg is a small town without hotel accommodations, but there are
many hotels in Cedar Falls just 18 miles away. We picked Parkersburg as
Silas & Elizabeth (Eldridge) Card had four Children who settled in the
Parkersburg area between 1854 and 1857. I have compiled over 1,300
hundred descendants of this family and I know I am missing many. Of
course not all 1300 are still with us, but we are hoping that as many as
possible will be able to come and celebrate with us.

There is a campground in Parkersburg with 10 campsites for those who wish
to bring their campers. Email me and let me know if you are interested as if
we need more than 10 campsites, there is another campground 10 miles
from town.

I have included a page of Hotels that I got from the yellow pages on the
internet in Cedar Falls, their should be one for every taste and price range.
I have also included maps of the Cedar Falls area for you to print.

Please email me if you have any suggestions as to activities. Remember
this is everyone's reunion. We have never done a reunion this large so we
need all the help we can get!

Linda, Patches, Tina and I all plan to bring our genealogy for everyone to
look at. If you have any old photos or history on your lines of the family
please bring them along. Put them in an Album with your name on it so they
do not get mixed up with others. We will have someone to watch over our
priceless family photos and histories.
Celebrating our
Pioneer Heritage
DATE: JUNE 24th & 25th, 2000
American Legion Hall (across from Oak Hill Cemetery) on the
24th, and the City Park on the 25th.
COST: $12.00 per adult
Please contact me with any suggestions for
activities or questions you may have about the

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